Barnill Brothers is a duo of singer-songwriters based in Brussels. 
The two brothers were born from different mothers, but they were both fed by 
the powerful songwriting of Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Neil Young or Crosby Stills & Nash. 

 They blend their voices and guitars to make them sound as one, along with 
a solid rhythm section with blues and folk influences. 
Their music radiates some kind of glow lamp intimacy, whispering to your ears
the hope of a better world, or claiming their determination to run away
 from a poisoning routine. 

 Since the release of their debut EP “Parallel Lives” in 2017, they played with their band 
in various intimate and beautiful venues in Belgium, supported by Belgian contests 
and accompaniment programs (Propulse, Ça Balance,…). 

They are now aiming at the release of their first album expected in February 2020
produced by the talented Gertjan Van Hellemont (Douglas Firs, The Bony King of Nowhere)
and recorded by Jan Chantrain (Balthazar, Gabriel Rios).


Green Revolver Music - Catherine Mottart

Avis aux programmateurs en Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles: Barnill Brothers est reconnu par les Tournées Art & Vie.